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    Hotel Management Courses In Chennai

    Annamal Institute of hotel management is initiating a consolidation in Chennai education under one roof. Hotel Management Courses in Chennai has been framed as per the needs of the hotel Industry and the smooth understanding of the students. The academic programs are designed especially for the fresh school leavers, so as to bring them to the life skill of hotel management.

    Diploma in Hotel Management

    The program is designed for students who would like to enter in the world of hospitality. This is very intensive programme for the students to expose their Practical & Management aspects of Food & Beverage Service, Production, Management of Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Tourism and Financial Management.

    In Diploma in Hotel Management, from the classes may include cleaning science, banquets and catering, food hygiene, beverage and bar operations, and customer service. Back-of-the-house classes may include financial control and accounting, human resources, marketing, management, and organizational behaviour. The program combines class work with internships to acquaint candidates with real-life hospitality skills.

    Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Science

    This Diploma program is intended for students those who would like to acquire knowledge and skill standards in hospitality industry. We train them in all core departments such as Food Production, Food and Beverage Management, Accommodation operation & Hospitality Management.

    Diploma in Bar Management

    Bar management involves operating and running an establishment that serves alcoholic beverages. If you’re in charge of managing a bar, you’ll need to oversee a variety of staff members, such as bouncers, bartenders and servers. Entertainment is an important part of bar management as well. Potential entertainment options include televised sports games and live events featuring bands and comedians. If a bar serves food, a bar manager also might have to make menu selections and supervise the bar’s kitchen